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Entry Conditions




1.      Entry Fees:       Adults                    £22 in advance            £25 on the day

           Under 16’s              £12 in advance            £15 on the day

               Mini Ride                £10 in advance or on the day

 Entry fees include £2 per rider for Paramedic Support.

2.      Current Standard Hard Hats must be worn when mounted.

3.      On Arrival – Riders must report to the Secretary Tent to register and pay the entry fee. Horses may start any time between 9.30am and 1.30pm. Riders may go in groups.


4.      All riders must report their return to the Finish on completion of the Ride. Riders retiring early must inform one of the stewards stationed around the course. Do not leave horses unattended on the field.

5.      The Ride mainly takes place on private farmland so riders are requested to respect the generosity of the landowners and must follow all direction signs and markers.

6.      The organisers accept no responsibility for damage to any competitor, persons, horse, vehicles or property whatsoever the cause. Paramedics, Vet and Farrier will be in attendance.

7.      Good riding manners are requested, please note the number of any inconsiderate riders and inform a steward or the Secretary.

8.      Riders must take care with traffic on public roads and are expected to have their own third party insurance. All horses should be up to date with their Equine Flu Vaccinations as Passports may be checked.

9.      The decision of the Committee is final.

Using your personal information:

The personal information that you supply to us, either via an online booking system or on the entry form, may be used in a number of ways. For example:

·         To contact you about the event if you have pre-registered

·         To provide with a refund if applicable

·         To check your horses passport


Once the ride is over, the entry forms will be destroyed securely and the on-line booking system will delete the pre-registered riders information associated with the ride.    

Updated March 2019



Participants in the Tytherton Fun Ride are asked to read and familiarise themselves with the Ride Start Declaration before commencing the ride.

The ride takes place over a mixture of private land and public highway and is designed to provide and enjoyable day for all.  Whilst care is taken in planning the route of the ride and in designing the jumps the organisers cannot accept any liability or accident or injury howsoever caused.

The purpose of this statement is to identify to all participants that they must exercise care and attention for the safety of themselves and others.  It is essential that each individual participant assesses their own ability and competence.  By nature, the ride covers undulating ground and encounters natural hazards, such as hills, wet ground, ditches, low branches etc.

Stewards of the ride are positioned to assist the smooth running of the ride.

The ride route is clearly marked with yellow arrows for direction.  All jumps are optional with easy access around.  In the event that there is a sequence of jumps requiring access in and out, these are clearly marked.  A copy of the route markings is clearly displayed at the start.

Included in the organisation of the ride is access to a Vet, Farrier, and Paramedics.  These facilities are clearly signed adjacent to the parking area and in addition are co-ordinated via the Ride Contact Point.  If during the day you wish to use any of these please do, alternatively if whilst in the ride you wish to contact any of them you will find a contact telephone number on the back of your ride number.